Back in the 90's, I had a hobby of following my friends around at clubs and making them write bad poetry for me. The word poetry was used very loosely. Well, completely incorrectly would be a better term since it was also used for articles, completely fabricated self-help columns and random complete and utter nonsense.
These are the results of those (often drunken) ramblings.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Untitled (but probably related to the last one)

This poem was on the same page as the one last one I posted, so I guess I must have been having a really bad day at work. At the time I used to work at Clothestime, which was an inexpensive junior's clothing store. It was in a shopping plaza in the middle of Hialeah and most of the time you were in the store by yourself. We got robbed a lot.

Anyway, this is about those people that just stand in front of a store waiting for it to open, giving you the stink eye as you try to balance the register or put out merchandize or do whatever it is you need to do before you open the store. Fuck those people! Most of the time, they want to do a return and get annoyed when you don't have change even though they witness that you JUST OPENED THE STORE!

By Aralis

Why are you here
You fucking loser?
Don’t you know
When you’re not wanted?
Don’t you have anything
Better to do?
Don’t you have a life?
Do you really think
The first thing
I want to see
In the morning
Is your face pressed
Against the glass
Beckoning for me
To open the door?
Well I don’t want to
See your face anymore
Unless it has a
Bullet hole in it.

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