Back in the 90's, I had a hobby of following my friends around at clubs and making them write bad poetry for me. The word poetry was used very loosely. Well, completely incorrectly would be a better term since it was also used for articles, completely fabricated self-help columns and random complete and utter nonsense.
These are the results of those (often drunken) ramblings.

Friday, June 4, 2010


By: Patty

Out there in the mist of darkness

Looking amongst thousands of faceless

Insignificant strangers there is one

Person that stands out from all the


Is empty, missing your other half you

Can’t clap, play baseball, swim, jump

Rope, conduct, chop a tree or cut meat,

Squeeze shampoo out of a bottle or

Tie your shoe laces.

You are not complete until reunited

With what society calls your mate, what

Will you do, the clock is ticking and

Loneliness is eating your every

Being, your soul. Until that one

Unsuspecting day, you see his face.

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