Back in the 90's, I had a hobby of following my friends around at clubs and making them write bad poetry for me. The word poetry was used very loosely. Well, completely incorrectly would be a better term since it was also used for articles, completely fabricated self-help columns and random complete and utter nonsense.
These are the results of those (often drunken) ramblings.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Issue #2 Letter from the Editor

Hiroshima Club Beat Poetry

Vol 2

October 1994

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the Hiroshima Club beat Poetry Zine Issue #2.

Due to the overwhelming response to our first issue, we have extended our zine adding new features and articles in addition to the bad poetry and bad artwork you have all come to know and love. So please continue to send us your bad poetry, artwork, articles, etc… As you know, we will print anything. And remember: if you can’t be good, be as bad as you can possibly be.

"Overwhelming response" I love how delusional we were. I guess there was some response, since we had a lot of contributors...but not actual readers. We still don't.

I just realized that the stupid scanner only printed a portion of the page, but you do get to see the bat sticker and the rest was just typing that I transcribed, so I think you can live with it.

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