Back in the 90's, I had a hobby of following my friends around at clubs and making them write bad poetry for me. The word poetry was used very loosely. Well, completely incorrectly would be a better term since it was also used for articles, completely fabricated self-help columns and random complete and utter nonsense.
These are the results of those (often drunken) ramblings.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Billy Joe

By: Brenda and Jennifer

Your name is Billy Joe

But my name you don’t know

You’re in a group called Greenday

Let’s get together out by the bay

I know we’ve never met

But you’ll like me I bet

You are on TV

But with me is where you should be

You may think I’m boring

But you might find me adoring

You may think I’m obsessed or crazy

But I’m like a flower called a daisy

You may be shy

But I’ll get you cuz I’m sly

This poem was something to let you know

How much I like Billy Joe

I have no idea who either one of these girls where but I guess they enjoyed the musical stylings of Greenday. It's a shame we don't know them anymore cuz Monica has Greenday Rockband.

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