Back in the 90's, I had a hobby of following my friends around at clubs and making them write bad poetry for me. The word poetry was used very loosely. Well, completely incorrectly would be a better term since it was also used for articles, completely fabricated self-help columns and random complete and utter nonsense.
These are the results of those (often drunken) ramblings.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valentines and other Random Stuff

To my valentine: I hope Valentine’s Day finds you naked, tied spread-eagle to a stove and covered in butter.


I told you that cat and butter stuff was going to come back, didn't I?

I hope you get laid on Valentine’s Day


Can't argue with this one.

We are all dead

We like to be alive

We are all dead

We like the afterlife


This part of a zombie musical Ali and I wrote long before zombies became popular. This was already old when the Hiroshima Club came around so that's how ahead of our time we were. That's also how desperate for material we were that we were digging up stuff from years earlier to fill up the pages. Not sure why it went it the valentines section.


Send us a picture of your favorite ho! Details next month…

I don't remember this contest at all so I have no idea what we were planning to do with all those pictures of whores. I wonder what the first price in the contest was going to be.

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